Free Orthodontic Consultation

Free Orthodontic Consultation

Wearing braces is right of passage for many kids. The journey to a straighter, more beautiful smile starts with a (complimentary) free orthodontic consultation at your Ponte Vedra orthodontist. While each patient will come away with a unique treatment plan, a free orthodontic consultation is basically the same for everyone. Here’s what to expect.

A Tour of our Practice

If you haven’t visited Ponte Vedra Dentistry and Orthodontics before, you’ll get to take a look around during your orthodontic consultation. You’ll notice the fun, comfortable surroundings, including a fun kids’ corner with interactive games and toys. You’ll also get to see our procedure and treatments areas, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools.

Meet Our Staff

You’ll get a chance to interact with our friendly staff members during your consultation. We will discuss our practice philosophy and answer any questions you may have about office policies, payment options or insurance plans. If you’re not familiar with our practice, this is a great time to determine if you feel comfortable with our staff. Orthodontic treatment is often a years-long endeavor, and you must feel comfortable and satisfied with your caregivers. After all, you’ll be seeing them once a month, or maybe more, during the treatment period!

A Review of Your Dental History and Health

Even kids have a dental history! Your orthodontist will want to know about your child’s oral health and history during the consultation. That way, we can develop the treatment plan that’s best. We’ll probably ask about your oral hygiene habits, too, so we can recommend ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy during your orthodontic treatment.

It’s Picture Time!

During the consultation, we’ll take X-rays of your child’s teeth and mouth to get a better idea of what needs to be done to achieve a beautiful smile. Is there an underbite? An overbite? How many baby teeth are left? This information will tell us not only what needs to be done, but when to start treatment. We’ll also take photographs with a digital camera. We like to collect before and after photos of all our clients so you’ll be able to clearly see the results of treatment.

Oral Exam

We’ll also take a few minutes to look inside your child’s mouth before we recommend a course of treatment. Nothing invasive will be done. It’s only for informational purposes.

Preliminary Treatment Plan

After we’ve looked inside your child’s mouth and reviewed X-ray information, we’ll recommend a course of treatment, including a specific type of orthodontic appliance. We’ll make sure you understand exactly what problems are present and what needs to be done to correct the issues. We’ll explain the process thoroughly so you know exactly what will happen during your child’s orthodontic treatment. Keep in mind, this plan is preliminary. It may change somewhat during the course of treatment due to growth and external factors.


You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions during the orthodontic consultation. We expect you’ll have questions about the cost, payment options, and insurance. You may also want to know if extractions will be required before treatment starts or if your child will be required to wear a retainer after his or her braces are removed. You can bet your child will want to know exactly how long he or she must wear braces. While we can give a general idea, there’s no way to determine this for certain on the front end. The end date is a moving target based on how your child responds to treatment.

The best part of a free orthodontic consultation is that it’s complimentary. You won’t pay anything, even if you ultimately opt for another Ponte Vedra orthodontist. The consultation is simply a way for us to access your child’s needs and tell you how we would go about achieving a straight, beautiful smile!

Call us today or if it’s after hours, use our online form to request an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!