Great Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Your Kids

Routine oral hygiene is so important for babies and kids but getting kids to brush their teeth can be a struggle. It can be challenging to create a daily routine that kids will stick to for the rest of their lives. One of the best things you can do is make brushing teeth fun for your kids while they’re young. Follow these tips to make brushing more fun to help your child establish good oral hygiene habits that will keep their teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime.

Let Them Get in Some Practice Time

As kids are first learning about brushing their teeth, it’s a good idea to let them begin getting some practice time in on their own. You can use a stuffed animal or a doll and let your child brush the toy’s teeth. You can even find special baby dolls that come with pretend toothbrushes and toothpaste so your child can practice their brushing skills on the doll while playing. A good game of pretend is always in order and will help your child learn more about brushing. If you’re really brave, you can even let your child practice brushing on your teeth to make it fun, too.

Dance to the Music

Dancing to the music is so much fun, and you can dance around the bathroom with your child to make brushing teeth fun. Playing music while you’re brushing can also add a calming component to the task and can be soothing for children who have sensory needs. Another benefit of having the music while brushing is that you can use music as a timer for brushing so you know how long you need to brush. Sometimes it’s tough to get kids to brush their teeth the recommended two minutes. Chose a song that’s two minutes long and then make sure you keep brushing until the music stops. You can even find special

Switch Up the Toothpaste

Sometimes kids balk at brushing their teeth because they don’t like the taste of the toothpaste. The good news – there are so many different fun flavors that you can choose from today. Look for kinds of toothpaste that are specifically designed for children. You can often get samples from your dentist or find travel size options so your child can try different flavors to see what they like best. Berry, bubblegum, mint, and even unflavored tubes of toothpaste are available, so make it fun trying different flavors.

Use Books and Videos About Brushing

Books and videos that talk about brushing teeth can help you make brushing teeth fun. You can find a lot of children’s books that talk about brushing teeth, and they’re perfect for helping your kids realize how important it is to brush regularly. Many fun videos on brushing are available online as well. You can find videos that kids can watch and mimic while they are brushing to make brushing teeth fun.

Head Out to Do Some Shopping for Supplies Together

Getting your kids involved in their own oral hygiene is one of the best ways to get them excited about brushing. Head to the store together and shop for supplies. Let them pick out what they want. Kids can find fun toothbrushes in their favorite characters, which can make brushing teeth fun for them. They can also find fun tubes of toothpaste and other oral hygiene supplies that will make them more excited about brushing.   

Try a Reward System

A reward system can make brushing teeth fun and act as an incentive for kids to keep up with their brushing routine. You can make or buy a calendar and get some stickers to go with it. Every time they brush, let them add a sticker to the calendar. Picking out a sticker can be fun, and then when they fill up a whole week or month with stickers, you can offer an even bigger reward for your child, like a new toy or a bonus to his or her allowance.

It’s so important to get your child started early on oral hygiene, but it’s just as important to start right and make it fun so it’s something kids stick with. Use these fun ideas to make brushing teeth fun and you’ll have kids started on a path towards good oral health.

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