Tooth Fairy Day: What You Need to Know

There really is a holiday for everything. There are holidays that celebrate foods and drinks, such as coffee, donuts, pizza, and spaghetti, and holidays that celebrate movies and TV shows. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that everyone’s favorite childhood friend – the tooth fairy – has her own holiday called the tooth fairy day.

To celebrate her upcoming holiday, which is celebrated on February 28, we will take a look at who the tooth fairy is, the history behind how she came to be, and even provide you with some suggestions on how you can celebrate tooth fairy day with your family.

Who is the Tooth Fairy?

The tooth fairy is a mystical creature. It is believed that this lovely fantasy creature spends her nights flying all across the world collecting the baby teeth of children. Children are encouraged to leave their teeth under their pillow, or somewhere nearby, so the tooth fairy will stop by while they are sleeping. When the tooth fairy visits, she will take the baby teeth and leave treats, presents, or money behind.

Tooth Fairy Origin 

There are several theories about how the tooth fairy legend came to be. Some people believe it came from early European superstition and myths that took on an American twist; others believe that it was some type of marketing campaign that was so successful it turned into an American legend that has lasted for decades.

Since we are unsure which is true, we will take a look at both theories.

Many early writings that date back centuries talk about a tradition or superstition throughout Europe that revolved around children’s teeth. It was believed that a small “tooth fee” was paid out to a child the moment they lost their first tooth. People believe that the idea of a tooth fairy came about as a friendlier, more kid-friendly version of this superstition.

Another theory is that it was a marketing campaign that took on a life of its own. In the early 1920s, people loved imaginary creatures and a fairy craze swept the nation. Fairies were used for everything from encouraging children to do their chores to providing advice and even selling products.

One company jumped on the fairy craze and created a toothpaste called ‘The Fairy Wand Whitener”. That product quickly inspired a play to be created called “The Tooth Fairy”. The play showed children a fun, princess-like fairy that came and collected children’s teeth and left a coin. The play became an instant hit and the legend of the tooth fairy has been passed down from parent to child for many years.

Ways to Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day

Typically, tooth fairy day is more of a fun holiday. That means there won’t be anything official happening. However, some pediatric dentists and dental clinics may have some events, such as an open house or a special on cleanings or examinations.

If you are looking for some ways to celebrate Tooth Fairy Day with your little ones, here are some suggestions of things you can do:

  • Introduce your children to the tale of the tooth fairy
  • Create tooth fairy storage things for your child to store their teeth in when they eventually lose them
  • Review with your child the importance of brushing and flossing
  • Print out coloring pictures of the tooth fairy
  • Schedule an appointment for a routine examination and cleaning at your local dentist

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